May 13

Open Streets: Lower Main Road

Following a successful first community planning meeting last week, Open Streets Cape Town, the Observatory Improvement District and the City of Cape Town will be holding the next session at the Observatory Community Centre on Thursday 9 May 2013 at 18:00 to plan all activation points for Open Streets on 25 May.

This is your chance to book your spot and to help shape the beginning of Open Streets in Cape Town.

May 13

It’s all systems GO for Open Streets Lower Main on 25 May!

The plans are progressing for the Open Street event in Lower Main Road.  Given Lytton’s past success in this area I thought it might be of interest to us.  Perhaps we can have another street braai ??
This from the official blog of the Open Street Movement….
Every Thursday of May the residents and ‘friends of Open Streets’ from other parts of the city are getting together to plan what will be the official launch of an Open Streets Programme for Cape Town. On 2 May, the first meeting of this series set the planning process in quick motion at the Obs Community Centre.
Given its strategic location and the potential for transforming it into a more pedestrian-friendly space, Lower Main Road is the first leg of what is expected to include a large number of areas in Cape Town by 2014. But this is no conventional ‘event,’ and the group is clear this is not a once-off but a campaign that aims to change how we perceive, engage with and behave on streets in the long term. It is the beginning of an initiative that will transform the landscape of public space by changing what streets look and feel like on a permanent basis. A goal of high order without a doubt but one that is supported strongly by the communities in Obs, Salt River and Woodstock and one to which the Department of Transport and the World Design Capital have put their weight behind.
Following a 2-minute video of Bogota’s ciclovia and images from other Open Streets around the world, we had the help a group of architecture students from UCT who ‘manufactured’ images to help us imagine what Lower Main could look like on the 25th May.
 The group then proceeded to hear a detailed update on the events application plan and discussed the logistical support needed in order to roll out a successful event. This included the recruitment of community marshals to support traffic officers, the need to communicate the practical implications of ‘opening’ the street to residents, the general plan to coordinate activities and the best way to engage the media among other topics.
Ideas then started to flow; from capoeira and marshal arts classes, to films and restaurants bringing tables out on the streets, Lower Main started to come alive. Residents committed to continuing the planning process for the next four weeks and to start looking for additional support by approaching local small businesses but also big brands like Red Bull and Woolworths.
The next community meeting on 9 May will start to consolidate the allocation of space on the street. Requests are already coming and street space will be allocated on a ‘first come first serve’ basis so anyone with a special interest on a particular intersection must email info@openstreets.co.za as soon as possible. The fun is about to begin.

20 days to go…

Apr 13

“Open Streets” in Observatory

Walk & Talk: Open Streets series 2013

Lower Main Road: Could it be the starting point for an Open Streets network in Cape Town?

Thursday, April 25, 17:30- 19:00p.m
Starts at 1 Lower Main Road (corner with Main Road)

Open Streets Cape Town and the Observatory Improvement District will walk & talk about what it would take to roll out an Open Streets Day on Lower Main Road.

Highlights of previous events have been recorded on our website. They have also been covered by the Cape Town PartnershipFuture Cape TownGreen Times;What’s Up Cape Town & BDlive.

This event will explore:

·      What would local residents want to see on an Open Streets day?
·      What could be the most strategic areas to “activate”?
·      How could an Open Streets Day foster permanent change on Lower Main, and what could that change be?

The format will be the same, with members of the Open Streets Working Group leading an open discussion where you will have an opportunity to contribute your ideas, questions and concerns about the role of streets in improving our city.

This is a particularly important walk & talk as it will pave the way for planning and rolling out Cape Town’s Open Streets Programme in 2013-2014 which will build towards the creation of a large network across the city, linking up with the roll out of MyCiti bus and World Design Capital.

There will be a 30 guest limit; please register early to ensure your spot.
Please register by Monday April 22ndhttp://openstreets.co.za/


Mar 13

Street Braai – Photos

We had a great turn out on Lytton Street for our second street braai!  Thank you to the Green Elephant and Inge for lending us your braais!  Thanks also to the OBSCID for road barriers and the fire extinguishers.  It was really nice to meet neighbours and chat – let’s build on this:  go on – say hello next time you pass in the Street!

If you took photos of the event, email them to pics@lyttonstreet.co.za and I’ll add them to the gallery

Feb 13

We’re Official – Street Party Gets City Go-ahead

We have received official approval for our street braai on Sunday!

calendar_March_03We’ll be braai-ing up a storm on Lytton Street South from 3pm to 6pm.  The road will be closed, and it’ll be a great way to meet your neighbours

If you normally park your car in Lytton South – between Milton and Station, could we ask that you arrange to move it so we have some room to Braai?

All residents welcome-  bring along meat and a drink….maybe a garden chair… and perhaps something to share like a small salad or some chips? The braai equipment and wood have been donated by neighbours.

Looking forward to it – see you there!

Feb 13


calendar_March_03DATE FOR THE DIARY !

Sunday 3rd March has been confirmed as the date of the next Lytton Street neighborhood braai 🙂

We have applied to the City to have the road closed between 3pm and 6pm, so we can have a braai, tables and chairs on Lytton Street for an afternoon neighbourhood get-together

The braai-fire will be provided, just bring along your meat, drink and any chips or salad’s you’d like to share.

The aim of the event is for us all to get to know our neighbours a bit better, and foster a little Obs community spirit.

Feb 13

Meeting Minutes 5th Feb 2013

Street Meeting: 5 February 2013
People Present: Alex, Tahirih and Howard

Summary of discussion:

  • Signage: Tahirih to follow up with Shaun to see if he has created an example of the proposed street sign.
  • Website: Alex made all the proposed changes to the street website: removing sensitive content making it password protected; changing website name from road to street; minutes and video clips to go up. He is going to look for a way to link the google group with the website. All street residents will be added to the website and there will be an obvious unsubscribe button at the bottom of a message so they can opt out. The first notice they will receive will be the street minutes and then an invitation to the next street meeting. Alex is going to create a ‘crime and community sentiment survey’ for the residents and use the website as a platform to start the process.
  • Camera purchases: Howard conducted some research into cameras but is till looking for the most appropriate option.Tahirih to follow up with Anine and Richard to explain the situation in response to their inquiry.
  • Camera System Network: Howard called the Japha’s to explain the delay in installing a camera at their premise. Alex’s network test was a partial success. The camera and wireless gizmo connect to each other but not to the Green Elephant. They are going to test this system in a different way now. It is also not possible for residents to review footage at the own home. This changes the initiative outcome – it will now result in a ‘recording hub’ rather than a live monitoring facility. The camera system will provide proof for any incidents and present potential criminal with a deterrent since we will post signs advertising the fact that there are cameras.
  • Rule/ethics for access to footage and system: Alex has drafted something for the group to review – he will circulate it during the week so we can review it before the next meeting.
  • Contributions to Obsid: R7 500 has been donated this far. We need to find out if additional contributions have been made. Tahirih to follow up with Obsid and connect with Brian Amery.
  • Following up on pledges: There are residents that have made pledges to contribute to the camera fund that need to be followed up on.
  • Communication: Tahirih to be responsible for communication with street residents. She will call everyone to invite them to the next street meeting and inform them about the proposed street party in March. SMS reminders for meetings and activities will also be another form of community outreach.
  • Street party: A second street party has been proposed for the month of March on Sunday, the 3rd from 3 to 6pm! Alex will submitted an application to the Municipality for the proposed event.

Next meeting: February 19th at 6:30pm

Feb 13

Lytton Street Crime Sentiment Survey

In the coming weeks a crime survey will be undertaken by the Lytton Street Neighbour Initiative (LSNI). This informal group of neighbours is focusing on a CCTV camera project for the street (much of this website is devoted to information around this project).  We feel some kind of benchmark would be appropriate as we start 2013.  Initial camera installations are planned for march 2013.  We’ll repeat the survey at 6-monthly intervals to gauge if the CCTV system has had an effect on the crime and safety sentiment of our street.

The survey will be available on line, and via a leaflet distributed door to door.


Feb 13

Lytton Street Meeting Minutes – 22nd Jan 13

Street Meeting: 22 January 2013
People Present: Alex, Tahirih, Shaun and Howard

Summary of discussion:

  • Signage: Shaun has designed a sign for the street based on Bryan’s work last year. He will make a tester sign. We will use Lytton Street instead of Road since this is what come sup on Google maps, and call the camera project the “Lytton Street Neighbourhood Initiative”.
  • Website: The website domain will be changed to reflect the decision to use Lytton Street instead of Lytton Road. The content currently available on the website about the camera system will be modified to reduce publicly available information. People visiting the website will not be able to see what type of camera is being used, the positions and locations or where the information is going. Residents will be asked to register as users and then receive additional information about the system. Some clips of camera footage have been identified and made for the website. They will be added to show other residents what the camera footage can capture. Alex will make these adjustments to the website. Continue reading →

Dec 12

Camera fund update

The Lytton Road camera project is getting close to a pilot launch. We have donations in hand from the following Lytton Road neighbours:

28 Lytton
14 Lytton
16 Lytton
38 Lytton
Green Elephant Backpackers

Total in trust R7,500.

This is a great total after just three months.  But we still need greater participation and contribution from property owners on the street to make this project a success.

If you would like to donate to improve the safety and security of our street, here’s how to make a Donation Page.